High-Quality, Safe And Stylish Roof Racks For Every Need


The Whispbar roof racks have a sleek and seamless design that enhances the appearance of any vehicle. They are designed and engineered to provide you with the quietest ride and best fuel effeciency compared to some other brands. These roof racks blend with your cars design while delivering superior aerodynamic performance with lowest overall drag.


Holdfast manufactures safe, reliable, strong and durable bicycle carriers, roof racks and tie downs. Holdfast is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of bicyle carrier, roof racks and tie downs with over 30 years of supplying South Africa’s leading retails stores.


Thule’s main priority is safety – for both you and the people around you. Their kits ensure that your roof racks fit your car safely and securely. All of Thule’s products exposed to vigerous testing which includes crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as extreme heat, cold, damp, sunlight and harsh chemicals